/> A stationary or portable device is called a car scanner, which allows one to evaluate not only the condition of car components, but also their influence on each other. Since scanners, like a doctor, must correctly identify the problem, it is important for the motorist to understand which scanner to choose for multi-brand auto diagnostics so that the resulting picture is as complete and accurate as possible.

Types of Scanners

Autoscanner has a special program containing a fairly wide database of vehicle parameters. To obtain the necessary information, the device is connected to the data exchange bus between the car units. Reading the indicators of sensors, measuring all the characteristics will determine violations in the operation of the car. However, it should be remembered that the scanner analyzes the information contained in the electronic control unit. Due to the fact that different ECUs can be installed on each vehicle model, scanners should also be selected appropriate.

A modern diagnostic scanner is either a stand-alone stand-alone device or a small device that is paired with an external computer. The first option is characterized by diagnostic accuracy, it is very expensive, software updates are carried out only in special service centers. The second type is convenient in that in addition to the basic functions, you can independently change the programs used through the Internet, search for drivers, and various updates.

scanner diagnostics

Types of scanners


A group of these auto scanners is popular with private car enthusiasts and service owners involved in vehicle diagnostics. The peculiarity of these devices is that they are suitable only for a particular brand of car.


Scanners work almost flawlessly. The equipment is designed for a very deep check of certain brands of cars; vehicle manufacturers are directly involved in their manufacture. Dealer devices are indispensable assistants to centers that conduct in-depth diagnostics.

Disadvantage: the price is too high.


Devices carry out checks of vehicles of various brands, are considered the most popular. Often their functionality is designed to diagnose about forty brands of cars. At present, the ideal option has not yet been created, so for a car service it is better to buy several scanners for diagnosing a car with a different coating at once. For example, one device can be adapted to European car brands, another - Asian production.

Some useful tips for choosing a device

High-quality auto-diagnostics of a vehicle is impossible without special equipment that allows not only to detect malfunctions, but also to determine the causes of their occurrence.

choice of scanner for auto diagnostics

How to choose a scanner for auto diagnostics in Russian? The answer to this question depends on many factors:

  • scope (for beginner motorists, small car services, medium, large enterprises or experienced specialists);
  • make and age of cars;
  • the presence of on-board diagnostics OBD-II, providing complete control over the engine;
  • type of scanner (multi-brand is suitable for the diagnosis of all models, single-brand devices prefer services specializing in the diagnosis of certain brands);
  • a price that directly depends on the quality of the software;
  • information output (stand-alone or requiring connection to a PC);
  • Russification of the interface greatly facilitates the use;
  • the ability to update the program;
  • ease of use (acceptable size, spacious display, the presence of the necessary adapters and adapters in the kit);
  • it is better to buy the device at the level that the car owner or diagnostician has reached;
  • it is better to invite the seller for testing (especially expensive scanners).

Advantages and disadvantages of different types of car scanners

Pros of professional scanners:

  • intuitive interface;
  • not attachment to personal computers, since the device has everything necessary for diagnostics;
  • software update does not require additional investments;
  • strength, reliability of the case;
  • have ample opportunities.

Minus: the high cost of the device.

universality of autoscannersOften, in order to conduct regular vehicle diagnostics, they acquire fairly simple adapters that connect to the connector in the car. Data obtained as a result of scanning using the appropriate software is displayed on a personal computer or other similar device.

Today, in addition to wired, they also produce more convenient wireless adapters that work via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. These scanners are preferred not only by professional car owners, but also by amateurs.

Browse Popular Models

Buying a dealer scanner requires a lot of financial investment, which is why many car enthusiasts and station owners decide which one to choose a multi-brand scanner in order not to be disappointed in the results of its work.

Bosch KTS

The best professional scanners are models from the Bosch KTS series. Outwardly, very stylish and attractive devices perfectly perform scanning, which pays off a considerable cost.

For example, thanks to full access to almost all functions, the Bosch KTS 570 model copes well with the diagnosis of not only cars, but also trucks. Operation is possible after connecting to a PC or laptop.

Bosch KTS 570

The device also includes:

  • two-channel oscilloscope that allows you to see the voltage, visually assess the waveform;
  • Digital multimeter required for testing electrical circuits and making necessary measurements.

The extensive help system of the scanner allows you to test at least 52 brands of various cars at a fairly high level, which is no worse than the dealership. The disadvantage of this model is the high cost and paid updates.

Carman Scan VG +

The second place is deservedly occupied by a professional scanner made in Korea. The Carman Scan VG + has a shockproof housing, a convenient LCD display, and a set of buttons to duplicate the main control. The device carries out computer and instrumental diagnostics of cars of various manufacturers.

Carman Scan VG +

The scanner consists of a four-channel digital and high-voltage oscilloscopes, a signal generator, a four-channel multimeter. This device has excellent functionality, suitable for inspections of all types of vehicles.

Minus: the price of the scanner is so high that not everyone can purchase it.

Autel MaxiDAS DS708

Model Autel MaxiDAS DS708 supports an average of fifty brands of cars of various manufacturers. In addition, with many European cars, the device works no worse than the dealership. A feature of the model is manufacturer support.

Autel MaxiDAS DS708

The scanner is placed in a reliable housing, operating information is displayed on the touch screen. Ease of use adds rubber pads located on both sides. The device displays information, and also saves parameters for the subsequent analysis of malfunctions. The presence of Wi-Fi support does not require a scanner to be connected to a personal computer.

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Disadvantage: the small size of the display makes it difficult to work with graphics, so it’s better to connect to a laptop.

Scanmatic 2

Scanmatik 2 is a Russian device, therefore it is focused primarily on domestic cars.The device software simultaneously with the construction of graphs controls the CO-correction, generates and sends diagnostic reports to print, and performs other functions. Connection to a personal computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone passes through Bluetooth and USB. The scanner works correctly enough with many foreign cars: Kia, Chevrolet, Mitsubishi, etc.

Scanmatic 2

Disadvantages: the device diagnoses a small group of cars, does not support the mobile operating system Windows Phone and the platform for smartphones, tablets and wearable iOS players.


Diagnostic scanners from the Swedish company Autocom are available for cars (РroCars) and trucks (РroTrucks). Chinese counterfeits of the well-known Autocom CDP Pro brand are very popular in Russia today. These models function as efficiently as the original, despite being much cheaper. The device is equipped with a rich set of service and diagnostic functions.

AutoCom CDP Pro

The scanner's disadvantages are associated with software updates: without installing them, its operation becomes ineffective.

Launch x431

The first Launch X431 scanner model was released back in 2013, weighed no more than three kilograms, and became the first device running the Android operating system. Three years later, the company released a new updated version with a large amount of memory, characterized by reliability and good performance. The kit is in a special suitcase, complemented by a large number of adapters. The cost of this device was immediately appreciated by the owners of car services. The presence of a wireless connection between the adapter and the device allows you to work outside the cabin.

Launch x431

This multi-brand scanner model has several disadvantages. Firstly, the devices have different functionalities, and the software for different brands of cars look different. Secondly, the battery discharges very quickly during operation, which leads to inconvenience of operation. Thirdly, some programs are Russified using an electronic translator. Fourthly, with many cars the scanner works extremely incorrectly.


Many who have their own car prefer to buy an Elm327 scanner. Although this device appeared on the market relatively recently, it appealed to many motorists. In addition to the device itself, the kit includes instructions, a special disk, which is the software carrier. Since the information offered on the disc is in English, motorists usually download the necessary program via the Internet.

scanner Elm327


  • small, compact sizes;
  • simplicity, ease of use;
  • wireless connectivity;
  • accuracy of the data;
  • saving money on visits to car services;
  • the ability to timely respond to emerging problems;
  • affordable price.

Disadvantages: sees the minimum number of devices.

Launch CReader V +

The Launch CReader V + scanner is easily handled by professionals and amateurs. Small in size, the device is completely autonomous, does not need to be connected to a PC, and is compatible with many American, Asian, and European vehicles. To scan information, you only need to connect the device to the vehicle. The data obtained are displayed on a fairly large display in the form of text and graphs.

Launch CReader V +

Disadvantages: relatively high price for limited functionality.


The ScanDoc scanner is an adapter that easily connects to a personal computer using a cable or Wi-Fi. The device is located in a durable aluminum case, which allows it to be used even in the harsh conditions of car repair shops.


The scanner works fine even in the presence of interference within 30-50 meters, supports a fairly large number of diagnostic protocols. Adapters and cables used by the device to connect to the vehicle are automatically recognized by the device.


The TexaNavigator scanner is an ideal tool for diagnosing motorcycles, cars and light commercial vehicles.This model is quite running, is particularly popular in Europe.


The device requires an annual software update, which after a five-year operation of the scanner becomes paid.

Bars 4

The multibrand scanner Bars 4 is a domestic development. This universal device copes with the diagnosis of most blocks of domestic and foreign cars of various brands. The device works with laptops, tablets, smartphones based on the Android operating system, and communication is via a USB cable and Bluetooth.

Bars 4

Any self-respecting car service should have in its arsenal high-quality professional equipment, in particular, a car scanner for diagnosing vehicles. This device will help to detect malfunctions in time, thereby saving a motorist’s money for expensive repairs. The presence of small multi-brand scanners will help the motorist to independently figure out his technique.