franke coffee machineThe Franke brand was founded in 1911 in Switzerland and has been manufacturing household appliances and kitchen equipment of the highest quality for more than a hundred years. The first automatic coffee machine was launched by Franke in 1987. Since then, the company has created dozens of models with various configurations. Franke coffee makers and coffee machines are premium and feature functionality and superior features.

Features of coffee makers Franke

Franke coffee machines are more oriented to catering. Automatic professional devices allow you to serve a variety of coffee drinks in restaurants, cafes, bars, coffee houses. They are also bought for large offices, shopping centers and other crowded places.

The main feature of Franke coffee machines is their durability and fully automated operation. To make a first-class coffee drink, just press a couple of buttons.

Automatic machines brew amazing espresso, popular Americano, creamy latte and other drinks, so beloved by many. Most models have a built-in coffee grinder and grind coffee beans before each serving of coffee. The new coffee machine lines are equipped with intelligent control systems, self-cleaning and self-diagnosis functions.

No geyser, drip or capsule coffee maker will brew the aromatic coffee that can be obtained from the Franke automatic coffee machine.

Advantages and disadvantages

When looking at Franke coffee makers, learn about the advantages and disadvantages of this technique.


  1. Franke coffee machines are fast-acting. Already after 20 seconds. after starting, the machine is ready to brew a drink.
  2. Most models have a double nozzle, which allows you to pour coffee in 2 cups at once.
  3. Among the assortment there are models that combine automatic and manual milk frothers.
  4. Franke units can be connected directly to the water supply.
  5. Coffee grinders in these machines work quite quietly.
  6. Intelligent control system independently selects the amount of water, the degree of grinding, temperature for a particular drink.
  7. Automatic machines are designed for high loads. Almost continuous operation does not affect the taste of coffee.
  8. In case of any malfunctions, the coffee maker conducts a self-diagnosis and reports a breakdown code.
  9. Large models for catering provide in their case compartments for cups and cups.
  10. Business-designed coffee machines can be connected to cash registers.


  1. Expensive repair.
  2. In the event of a breakdown, it is necessary to replace failed parts only with original spare parts. They are not always in service centers, sometimes their delivery has to wait for weeks.
  3. Very high cost of coffee machines.

What to look for when choosing

Each model of a coffee machine from Franco is perfection itself. Among the assortment there are devices working with coffee beans, capsules and combined. Choosing a model, you need to determine your needs and based on this decide what type of coffee machine will suit your needs. After all, the more options in the device, the higher its price.

In recent years, the manufacturer has released super-automatic machines and is constantly replenishing this line with new products. Such an aggregate does not require any specific skills from users. The control panel is made in such a way that even for the first time interacting with the machine, you can easily brew a cup of coffee. The devices are equipped with a large number of recipes for drinks. Such devices are suitable for those who do not have time to train the staff of their cafe or other institution in barista skills.

Also, cars vary in size: there are both narrow, compact models, and fairly large units.

The best models of coffee makers Franke

We present brief reviews of several excellent coffee machines from a premium Swiss brand.



The automated electric coffee machine is focused on use in catering establishments and large offices. The appliance works with ground coffee and roasted coffee beans. The machine is ready to brew several types of coffee drinks with and without milk.

Main characteristics:

  1. Pump pressure - 25 bar.
  2. Boiler water heating system.
  3. The capacity of the tank is 5.5 liters.
  4. The presence of a timer and an automatic shutdown system.
  5. Heated cups.
  6. Self-cleaning + garbage collection tray.

The coffee machine is also equipped with a grain grinding regulator, a beverage strength control system, pre-wetting options, water decalcification technology and other useful functions. The nozzle is adjustable in height, which allows you to substitute even tall glasses.

The average cost of the FRANKE Flair model is 254,000 rubles.

FRANKE Spectra S

FRANKE Spectra S

The model from the series of super-automatic machines is equipped with three containers for coffee and a special compartment for chocolate powders. In this machine you can brew not only coffee, but also cocoa. In total, the machine brews more than 30 types of drinks.

Main characteristics:

  1. A stainless steel boiler is implemented as a heating system.
  2. Pump pressure - 25 bar.
  3. Knives in coffee grinders are made of their ceramics.
  4. The water tank is designed for 5.5 liters.
  5. The coffee machine has a timer and a self-shutdown function.
  6. Lower unit for heated cups.
  7. Touch control system.

The front panel of the device is highlighted. The nozzle is height adjustable. You can also program the device as you wish. An automatic cappuccino machine prepares various drinks with milk froth. The self-cleaning function allows you not to worry about the need to constantly flush the device. This coffee maker implements high-tech solutions in the field of coffee technology. The price of FRANKE Spectra S varies from 800,000-810000 r.

FRANKE Pura Fresco

FRANKE Pura Fresco

Elegant design and superfunctionality combine in this automatic coffee maker. The machine is capable of brewing 32 types of drinks. Intelligent touch control requires a minimum of action from users.

Main characteristics:

  1. The tank, with a capacity of 5.5 liters.
  2. Boiler water heating system.
  3. Pressure - 25 bar.
  4. Power saving system.
  5. Built-in counter for each type of drink.
  6. Work with fresh milk and dry powders.
  7. Timer and auto power off.
  8. Automatic rinsing and cleaning function of the coffee machine.
Useful  Features of manual coffee grinders

On top of the case are two coffee grinders with ceramic millstones. The machine is equipped with regulators of the strength of the drink, its temperature, portion size. The display is backlit, and the lower platform can heat the cups. There is such a coffee machine about 485,000 p.

FRANKE Evolution Top

FRANKE Evolution Top

Another high-tech model from FRANKE implements the option of additional extraction of the taste of a coffee drink. The metal case is equipped with two containers with millstones and an additional tray for already ground coffee. The machine can prepare more than 20 drinks, including cocoa.

  1. Water tank with a capacity of 5.5 liters.
  2. Boiler heating system.
  3. Pump pressure - 25 bar.
  4. Automatic decalcification.
  5. Self cleaning function.
  6. Auto shut off.
  7. Built-in counter for each type of drink.
  8. Heated cups.
  9. Double spill.

The LCD control panel displays the selected settings. You can adjust at your discretion the grinding of beans, coffee strength, volume of drink. The distribution unit is adjustable in height. It is possible to prepare milk foam not only in automatic, but also in manual mode. The coffee machine is equipped with everything necessary for use in a large catering establishment.Its average price is 475,000 p.

FRANKE Spectra X

FRANKE Spectra X

This coffee machine has a coffee brewing system. It is drip and works without pressure. Fully automatic pouring device can prepare up to 10 types of drinks from ground grains. It provides a container for already ground beans and a coffee grinder with a bean tray. Management is via an LCD with backlight. An automatic cappuccino machine makes it easy to brew coffee with milk foam.

Main characteristics:

  1. The capacity of the brewing unit is 4 liters.
  2. A container for storing ready-made coffee while maintaining a temperature of 4 liters.
  3. Spill in 2 cups at a time.
  4. Automatic rinsing and descaling system.
  5. Cup warmer.
  6. Counters for each type of coffee.

Compact dimensions, stylish, discreet design, simplicity and ease of use, ideal to taste coffee - these are the main advantages of the FRANKE SPECTRA X model. You can buy the device for 1190000 r.

FRANKE company has its representative office in Russia. The company's consultants will help you choose a professional coffee machine for any buyer and answer all questions. The price of the devices is quite high, so the help of company employees will not be superfluous.