A tree has dried up on the plot, or do you just want to get rid of the boring roots? With a desire to deal with the problem, do not reach for the chainsaw. What consequences its use can lead to and what troubles you may encounter, this article will tell.

A chainsaw is a unique machine that can remove any tree in minutes. However, when using it, you should be as careful as possible, any awkward movement can lead to irreparable consequences. Is it worth it to cut tree roots with a chainsaw?

Reasons for root removal:

  1. Old and dried stump spoils the aesthetic appearance of the site.
  2. The desire to plant a new one on the site of an old tree or create a garden.
  3. Construction of the building is planned on this site.
  4. The roots have grown and interfere with neighboring trees.

The chain may become dull

The roots of the trees have increased strength so that it can stay in the ground even with strong winds. This is the strongest part of the tree, therefore, in an attempt to work with this zone, heavy loads are placed on the saw. With its intense work, the chain quickly becomes unusable. It happens that in one day with such work, it requires several sharpenings.

In addition, problems always arise when the saw meets the ground. A single grazing of the soil leads to small shavings, and the chain ceases to go deeper into the tree.

The chain may heat up

Very often, when the saw is working intensively, the chain heats up. This can be seen by the fused paint at the tip of the tire. It is impossible to work with such a chain, otherwise it will fail after the first application.

The chain cannot rotate at the required speed due to the strength of the roots being cut, this leads to overheating.

There is a risk of chain breaking.

If the saw is overloaded, the chain may break. In this case, the chainsaw becomes unusable, but this is not the most dangerous. If the circuit breaks, there is a great risk of injury.

In the event of a break, the saw spits the chain forward. But on many saws, manufacturers put fuses that save the owners. They stop the course of the chain, but its end can inertia hurt someone standing nearby. Therefore, being near the tire is very dangerous.

Tears occur due to intensive work, so it is not recommended to try to remove strong roots with a chainsaw. This is dangerous not only for the tool, but also for its owner.

How to remove tree roots

A chainsaw is not suitable for disposal. Its use can be extremely dangerous for life and health. But, fortunately, removal methods do exist. There are two main ones - chemical and mechanical options.

Mechanical removal

The oldest, but at the same time proven way to get rid of unwanted roots. To do this, use tools that file the roots, and then tear the stump out of the soil. You can also use the help of a bulldozer and other bulky equipment.

Chemical removal

A modern way with its own characteristics. In order to get rid of the roots they use a chemical substance - saltpeter. It has the strongest oxidizing properties. This method takes time. Usually, saltpeter takes a year to soak all the roots of the tree. Then the stump is set on fire, it smolders quickly. It remains only to reforge the place of its growth and you will get rid of the roots.

Using a chainsaw to remove the roots is not only useless in relation to them, but also dangerous for the owner of the tool. The least that can happen is a saw break. Much worse is the injury that a broken chain can cause. To remove the roots, it is better to use other methods or consult a specialist.